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We are so happy you trust us your most precious thing! Our talented team of pediatricians and teachers will take a good care of your child.

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Dr. Popescu Florea

Medic specialist in cardiologie
Medic primar boli interne

Dr. Cracinescu Silvia

Medic primar cardiologie

Dr. Lemeni Alina Diana

Medic specialist in cardiologie

Dr. Mircea Elena

Medic specialist diabet și boli de nutriție

Dr. Tofan Iulia Daniela

Medic specialist psihiatrie

Dr. Draghici Teodora irina

Medic primar psihiatrie

Dr. Naghy Gabriela Elena

Medic specialist recuperare medicală

Dr. Arabagiu Ion

Medic primar urologie

Dr. Moraru Oriana Elena

Medic primar chirurgie vasculară

Dr. Cristache Emilia

Medic specialist endocrinologie

Dr. Constantinescu Ion

Medic specialist obstretrica-ginecologie

Dr. Ionescu Dan

Medic primar boli interne

Dr. Constantinescu Adriana

Medic specialist M.F.

Dr. Gavrilescu Ana Maria

Medic primar neurologie

Dr. Flueras Mihai

Medic primar medicina de laborator – Hematologie

Dr. Constantinescu Adriana

Medic specialist medicina muncii

Dr. Bicuti Florentina

Medic primar pediatrie

Dr. Dumitrescu Andreea

Medic specialist M.F.

Dr. Moldoveanu Nela

Medic specialist M.F.

Dinu Veronica


Sabo Lidia


Manea Daniela



Marin Gabriela

Costache Laura

Ivanica Elena

Mitrusciak Ioana

Grou Alina

Mireanu Alexandra

Pruna Ioana

Grama Alexandra

Radu Manuela

Croitoru Cristina

Bucataru Lucia

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